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Keep Your News in One Place
Use FeedReady on your smartphone or tablet to keep up-to-date and read the articles published on your favorite websites.

The Internet is a huge mine of information.
Choose the blogs, portals and online newspapers and magazines that interest you to read their articles and stay in the know.

FeedReady adds all the articles published by the sources you have chosen to a list.
Browse through the summary and just tap on the ones you want to read.

Have you found an interesting article? Share it! All it takes is a tap to involve your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

How to configure FeedReady to receive updates of the Euromodel's site?
Once installed FeedReady click the icon and select "New Feed" and enter the following address:
at this point will be downloaded all update carried out on the site and you will be notified each time a new update.


With which systems is compatible FeedReady?
FeedReady is available both for ios that for Android and it can be downloaded for free from the App StoreTM and Google PlayTM. Usa FeedReady either on your smartphone that on your tablet to keep up to date and read the articles on sites that you prefer.

How do I create a list of feeds to follow?
With FeedReady, create the list of feeds to follow is really very simple. If you already know the site, click on the button present on the start screen of FeedReady and type or copy the Feed address in the appropriate field. If, on the other hand, you're sailing on a site and you decide to continue to follow him, look for the button that allows you to subscribe to feeds: FeedReady will automatically as the source.

How do I delete a Feed from the list of those to follow?
If the proposed articles from a particular site are no longer so interesting and don't you want to continue to follow him you can simply delete the Feed from the list of those that follow. Displays a list of the feeds, and strip the finger on the delete: then confirm by tap on the button "Delete".

As share an article?
Nothing easier. You tap the article title to view the full content, then tap the button. Now you can choose whether to send the article via e-mail or as a message, or if you share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

Where are archived articles?
The articles are still available offline stored on your device. You decide yourself if the images must be downloaded or not in the cache. Access the settings of the operating system, in the Applications list, select FeedReady and sets the maximum space to use for this purpose. Once saved in the cache, you can read the complete article of images even when your device is not connected to the network. How long do you keep your saved items? Also in this case is your choice. Always by accessing the settings of the operating system you can decide how long must be stored both articles that have been read, and those not yet read.

If an article has content inconvenient, what must you do?
FeedReady is an aggregator of feeds and is limited to collect articles of selected sources and display them in such a way as to make it fast and easy to use. FeedReady, therefore, does not generate content and does not check on their quality. If you think an article present content potentially illegal, offensive, or otherwise unsuitable for publication, we ask you to report abuse by clicking on the button.

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