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Euromodel has made significant improvements in its customer relations by appointing an advisory service with an English-speaking person who has a total knowledge of every kit produced by this company.

For any help regarding our kits please click here:    (or Copy & Paste on your email program)

Advice on selection of a Euromodel ship or constructional problems facing the builder are generally provided within 24 hours. We appreciate that our kits are of a very high quality requiring various levels of expertise but our agent is more than willing to offer free advice to make your ship-building a happy experience.

No matter where you are around the world, feel free to contact Peter for assistance.

Euromodel trusts that these new innovations will prove invaluable to our customers.

The following pages will serve as a GUIDE for the translation of both words and phrases from Italian into English. There can be no claim to the total accuracy of tense, syntax, plurality and so on but it will serve to make the interpretation of nautical terms written in Italian a little easier for those with no familiarity of the Italian language.
(Translated by Peter Coward from notes supplied by Euromodel)

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