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Background Resources

The following file is a collection of comments that explain some methods used in model construction as well as in operating a ship. I have not presumed to be an authority in this area and so many comments will be lacking in both detail, time and country but this presentation grew out of a wish to educate myself in such matters. Hopefully, by sharing with others, some of this knowledge will prove useful.
Some of the comments and many of the photos have been extracted from posts made by various members of the Model Ship World Forum
and I am indebted to their giving permission to do so (if I have overlooked somebody and not acknowledged their name, I sincerely apologise and please let me know).
In alphabetical order, they include …
Amateur, banyan, Brian C, Dan Vadas (especially from his posting for HMS Vulture), DaveRow, Denis R, Doc Blake, GuntherMT, guraus, hornet, Janos, JerseyCity Frankie, J.P., KeithW, Marktiedens, marsalv, Michael101, mikec, Mike Y, mtaylor, Navis Factorem, Ollagynot, Pucko (for his assistance by creating some CAD’s), QA’s Revenge, shopaholic, Tadeusz43 [from his massive collection of photos ‘Art of Period Shipbuilding’], tlevine, Vince P, zoly99sask,
The majority of photos used are taken (with permission) from Model Ship World postings.
Useful Reference Texts
Anderson, R.C.  (1955): Seventeenth Century Rigging [almost a complete copy of his earlier book The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast, 1600 – 1720 (1927) ]
Goodwin, Peter (1984): The Construction and Fitting of the English Man of War 1650-1850
Lee, James (1984): The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War 1625 – 1860
Mondfeld, Wolfram zu (1989): Historic Ship Models

You can read this background resource file on the site on bottom or download the pdf file

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