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English Shooner


Every Euromodel kit is based on a detailed set of drawings which you can choose to follow at different levels of complexity – how far you do this is up to you. To assist your progress, the ‘Resource Information’ file contains the following ...

 1. construction philosophy
  2. Italian – English translation
  3. Component list of material included in the kit
  4. Suggested construction of the ship framework

Following the completion of this file, the builder is then directed to a set of non-prescriptive files (which are being continually added to) produced by one builder who like so many before him has interpreted the files in his own particular manner. These ‘interpretive’ files along with many photographs are included as a possible guide to what could be done. Most steps present two possible alternative approaches for you to consider.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any assistance.
Euromodel trusts that these recent innovations will prove invaluable to our customers.

Happy Building !


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01 Nov 2020
Bonjour, je voudrais récupérer le manuel en français ainsi que la liste des composants.merci de votre aideHervé MAITREtél 0685723444
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